Order NoOrder Issue DateOrder Upload DateSubjectCategoryIssued ByIssued ByView
Sr./63/ACS/2017 12/09/201712/09/2017Regarding handing over the charge of Chief excutive office Janpad Panchayat in case of vacant post or during of leaveEstablishmentMP -MGNREGS1036
5860 14/08/201718/08/2017Data entry of GPs for Garibi Mukta under Mission AntyodayPRD Portal 1871
एफ-2-1-17/22/पंचा -1 14/08/201722/08/2017Admin Expenditure order 10/08/2017FinanceMP -MGNREGS2478
560 10/08/201722/08/2017Admin Expenditure order 10/08/2017FinanceMP -MGNREGS1367
9560 02/08/201702/08/2017suspension order CEO Janpad panchayat Icchawar Dist SehoreEstablishmentMP -MGNREGS1388
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